Metal anomalies

Jan Schenkel janschenkel at
Mon Feb 7 15:25:34 EST 2005

--- "Dr.John R.Vokey" <vokey at> wrote:
> A minor detail no doubt, but setting the metal
> property to true (in OS 
> X) does *not* correctly emulate the metal windows in
> OS X.  As with all 
> other windows RR, only the (now no longer
> demarcated) title bar (and 
> the extreme outside edges of the window) can be
> clicked on to drag the 
> window.  In OS X, any metal part of the window can
> be used to drag.
> --
> John R. Vokey

Hi John,

I'm not quite sure I agree on this : it only takes a
couple of lines of code to script this yourself, and
at which point should the engine do it for you ?
After the mouseDown message has gone all the way to
the back of the message path? Or before any of your
scripts get to it, thus rendering any card level
'mouseDown' mesages that normally get triggered when
you click next to the controls on your card?

Jan Schenkel.

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