text file database, moving from Mac OsX to windows

drphilippegiraudet drphilippegiraudet at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 7 09:24:33 EST 2005

  i'm sorry if i might be unpolite, it is not a will but just may be 
unexperience, i use to be lonesome!
so if I say or do something wrong, please tell me, teach me.

Well this is my problem:
i'm a french radiologist, and i develop under hypercard since 1989.
recently i switched to Revolution (what a wonder!) a began to develop a 
stack, designed to be a professionnal rendez vous planner.
The deal was to make a multi-User data base, text based with a single 
card stack front user interface.
Now it is OK under Mac OSX for single User, and i believe for multi 
Users also, but it is diificult to test with a single computer.
so I compiled for windows to begin the tests, single user before multi 
After minor corrections there was no problem to run under windows OS, 
but there I encountered a real surprise: the immediate corruption of 
the text file
by the Windows interface, probably because of writing file at the wrong 
At least the inscriptions in the text file are not same as under 
MacOSX, because in one case it works correctly and in the other it is 
awful !!!
Is there a different way to count the place of the first char on one 
platform or other?
Is there a difference in the length of a chain (for instance one 
platform count the returns and the other not?)
I don't understand!
if someone knows about that problem, please give me a hand, because i'm 
a bit bothered about it now!
if someone wants to see the stack, no problem, i give it, it was a 
funny work and runs pretty well under Mac (however i have to say that 
it is very specific to our organisation)

before all i thank you for your help
Philippe Giraudet

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