Printing Disaster on Windows

Sivakatirswami katir at
Sun Feb 6 23:24:53 EST 2005

I have  recently been blessed with an extremely competent Windows 
user-beta tester of my Audio_Transcriber.rev app... I thought it was 
time to upgrade to include printing so that users don't have to paste 
their transcripts (simply plain text in one big field) into  MS Word to 
print out a draft for proofing... so with some trepidation I included 
the printing libraries in my Standalone splash screen "player" engine 
and then used this plain vanilla script

on printTranscript

# get header entries from the custom prop
# duration, subject, file name of audio etc...

   put the cHeader of me into tPrintTranscript

## clean up "geeky" delimiters for public viewing

   replace "|" with ": " in tPrintTranscript
   replace "\" with "" in tPrintTranscript
   put cr & cr after tPrintTranscript

# load main transcript
   put fld "Transcript" after tPrintTranscript

# print
   revShowPrintdialog, true,true
   revPrintText tPrintTranscript
end printTranscript

tested on Mac OSX with great results.. and feeling confident, released 
this to a few users...

My beta tester from Adelaide, Australia who says "I have programmed in 
every language known to man and taught nearly all of them... " writes:

  I have tested the printing from a PC. The results are quite strange.

	1.  	The first page prints beautifully
	2.  	Subsequent pages are a mess.
  This is the same whether I print from pages 1 - 6 , or print in 
reverse. The first page (i.e. page #1 of the transcript) is printed 
nicely, and pages #2 - 6 are a mess.

  I had a look at the PS it produces, but it has been so long since I 
read Postscript that I could not find the error.

  This is what appears on pages 2 - 6

	• 	Some text is missing - from the end of page 1 until a couple of 
pages from the end of the transcript.
	• 	The last 5 pages print the same material.
	• 	The text is heavily overprinted.  Each paragraph remains separate, 
but the whole paragraph is overprinted. What should be a paragraph of 
about 10 lines is reduced to 3 overprinted lines. 19 lines are reduced 
to 5 overprinted lines. And so forth.
  Hope this helps.

  PS. When I use a Post Script Viewer, the PS looks just fine, and 
actually I can print the file OK from the post script. So something is 
possibly happening within the Transcriber software to cause the 


Any insights? do I have to include some externals with the windows app 
to get printing to work right on PC's?

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