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kee nethery kee at
Sun Feb 6 20:47:08 EST 2005

I have a stack that I periodically save as a standalone application. It 
uses the revSoap libSmtp and libEmail stacks and I have a start using 
for each of these stacks in my main stack.

I open my main stack in the Application Browser and I see:

I do not need libEmailHelp and I for sure do not need two libEmails 
but, I cannot figure out how to get rid of them. When I select them in 
the Application Browser, there seems to be no menu selection that 
removes the substack. When I look in the inspector for my main stack, 
under "Stack Files"  I would expect to see the stack files shown in the 
Application Browser but that list is empty.

I can see substacks in the Application Window. Why can I not manipulate 
them in that window? Why can I not remove them or add them in that 
window? What is the connection between the Application Browser list of 
stacks and the "stack Files" list of stacks?

Why is this so confusing? How do I get this to where my substacks are 
just the ones I want and no others?

Kee Nethery

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