Rev 2.5 on WinXP: Issues with multiple monitors

Alex Tweedly alex at
Sun Feb 6 16:41:41 CST 2005

Robert Brenstein wrote:

>> I suspect it won't be changed, because it's common to create and 
>> manipulate "invisible" windows by positioning them off-screen, and it 
>> would be hard to figure the difference between that technique and the 
>> case where the user has switched from dual monitor to single monitor.
>> Alex.
> Actually, IDE should distinguish between its own windows (stacks) and 
> user windows (stacks). User windows should be left alone, of course, 
> but IDE windows, like Documentation, should check their location in 
> preopenstack and hop onto the monitor if located outside. To provide 
> backwards compatbility, just in case someone relied on this, this 
> behavior could be controlled by a preference flag.

I think the IDE uses the technique of positioning its stacks off-screen. 
I know that periodically I discover that my Docs window isn't opening 
properly (it appears to not open at all), and if I do "put the loc of 
stack "revdocs"" it has become positioned at some 'significant' value 
(maybe -32767, -32767 ??? - not sure now).  In any case, I can fix it by 
"set the loc of stack "revdocs" to the screenloc" to get it back; I'm 
fairly sure I tracked that down at one point to the IDE deliberately 
setting  off-screen coords - but decided I wasn't going to benefit from 
tracking it any further, and just got use to typing the reposition 
command when I need it.

I could be misremembering - it's been a few months; or I could have been 
misinterpreting what I saw back then. And even if I wasn't - maybe there 
should be a check as you suggest to overcome the "disappearing docs 
window" problem as well :-)

Alex Tweedly

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