Concise Variables

Scott Rossi scott at
Sun Feb 6 12:07:13 EST 2005

Recently, Thomas Gutzmann wrote:

>> If I change the variables to globals, the values will be persistent,
>> but
>> I'll have to declare the global names everywhere in the script, which
>> is
>> going to be a major chore in a 1700+ line script that has around 70
>> handlers, not all of which require the globals.
> You can put the global definition on top of the script; then it's valid
> for all handlers

How easy is this?!  The old MetaCard docs I read said declaring globals like
this treats variables like locals so I assumed the values would not be
persistent, but it turns out they are.

This qualifies as another huge forehead slap (and major time savings for
me).  Thanks Thomas.


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