Audio issues in Rev on Windows

Scott Rossi scott at
Fri Feb 4 23:43:17 EST 2005

Recently, Chipp Walters wrote:

>> Another problem I found is that the audiovolume in rev just doesn't work
>> like any other windows programs, it changes the volume of the system and not
>> it's own... GRRRRR - This is a major bug that's gonna make PC users scream!
> X,
> It's actually a bit different than what you say. Try this. Open up the
> audio volume control panel on WinXP and set the master volume to Max.
> Now, go into RR and create a new stack, import a .wav audioclip and
> create a btn:

Perhaps I'm missing something but I think the explanation is simpler: on
Windows, Rev sets the WAV volume, not the master volume of the system.  On
our XP system, setting the playLoudness only changes the WAV slider in the
volume control panel (you may need to close and reopen the panel to see the
slider update).  The levels for other sound sources such as MIDI remain


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