Audio issues in Rev on Windows

Chipp Walters chipp at
Fri Feb 4 18:41:37 EST 2005

MisterX wrote:

> Another problem I found is that the audiovolume in rev just doesn't work
> like any other windows programs, it changes the volume of the system and not
> it's own... GRRRRR - This is a major bug that's gonna make PC users scream!


It's actually a bit different than what you say. Try this. Open up the 
audio volume control panel on WinXP and set the master volume to Max.

Now, go into RR and create a new stack, import a .wav audioclip and 
create a btn:

on mouseUp
   set the playloudness to 1  -->VERY LOW
   play audioClip 1
end mouseUp

It will play at a very low volume. Now open the .wav file in WMP and it 
will also play at the '1' setting. This would indeed indicate that it is 
setting the 'master volume' for the computer. But...

Go back to Master control, close and open and you will see the Master is 
still at 100%, so it really didn't change the 'master volume', but did 
change the volume of other apps.

Then do this. Set the Master volume to 0 then set the playloudness to 
100 and you still won't hear anything.

It seems like the sound card has it's own 'master volume', then there's 
a 'system wide master volume' which is what Rev sets, then there's 'app 
specific volume' which is what QT and WMP use. Just a guess.


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