Rev 2.5 on WinXP: Issues with multiple monitors

Silver, Jason jsilver at
Fri Feb 4 18:28:06 EST 2005

I'm not sure this is classified as a "bug", but I've noticed an issue in
Revolution that irks me.  The computer provided to me by my company is a
laptop; while in the office, I have it connected to a docking station
which connects to an external monitor.  This lets me use the big 21" CRT
as my primary display, and the laptop screen as a secondary display.
For Revolution, I usually situate things so that the Documentation
window is open on the second screen, and possibly the Application
Browser, Inspector, etc.

The problem arises when I'm working without that second screen.  In this
case, the laptop screen becomes the primary (and only) display.  Most
applications are multi-monitor friendly, and they realize that the
laptop is the only screen, so they better display things on it.
Revolution does not have this capability.  I'll click on the
"Documentation" button, and it seems like nothing is happening.  Well,
the Documentation window is up, but it's 1500 or so pixels to the right,
on a screen that's not there.  I haven't figured out a way to get it
back to the main display without hooking the laptop up to the second
monitor, moving the window, etc.

I'm sure there's a workaround (e.g. typing some "move" command into the
Message Box), but I was hoping that this issue could be looked at, and
possibly changed in forthcoming releases of the software.

Jason Silver
Human Factors Engineer, Sr.
jsilver at 

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