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On 2/4/05 9:37 AM, Lynch, Jonathan wrote:

> I would think that a real spreadsheet would be most easily created as a
> group containing fields - using transcript. Each cell would be a field
> with specific scripting to keep the cells in the right alignment. The
> formula for each cell would be stored as a custom property for that
> field. The script for running the formulas would be in the group script.
> Hammering out the details would be a nuisance, just because spreadsheets
> can get complicated as you add in more and more functions - but surely
> it would be easier to create such a thing as native to Rev, than to try
> and do it with a lower level language.
> The advantage with this approach would be that the developer could do
> all sorts of custom scripting with the spreadsheet if needed.
> I actually plan on creating something like this for a project I am
> working on at home - might be a few months before I get to it, though.

I did a good start a few years ago:


If you can't open the hqx format, let me know and I will send you the 
stack. I've been meaning to update my site but haven't had time to trace 
all the links changes it would require.

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