Invisible bugs at runtime!

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Feb 4 13:13:26 EST 2005

Bon soir Xavier,

> When I compile applications, I get some bugs I dont see in development.
> Im ubertired waiting for any bugzilla feedback or hope from request 
> from
> feedback from support or anyone... Im at a complete loss!
> My last build, now doesn't crash because of a "dumb" opencard handler 
> that
> took some finding but now this new version displays a revErrordialog 
> with a
> mention of an external library (missing?) just a half second before I 
> switch
> a card - not when I launch the game, just when i press an ok button 
> that
> goes to a card with a visual effect!
> I dont use QT...
> I tried to fix this with using the option to have RR load libraries by
> itself at compilation but it didn't help.
> What is funny is that it only happens at startup. Doesn't happen after.
> Doesn't happen in the development!
> There's no session log for applications, no NT events to expect from 
> RR and
> no way to know why this happens or what the error message said!
> 2nd time in this one application where the unexplainable bugs keep 
> coming at
> compile time!
> Anyone had these problems? I must be computer damned!

Quick guess!

Did you try to "set the dontuseQTeffects to true"?

Maybe RR assumes that QT is the default to use with transitions...

> Thanks in advance

Hope that helps...

> Best to all
> Xavier

Klaus Major
klaus at

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