Scrolling groups get messed up after saving

Lynch, Jonathan BNZ2 at CDC.GOV
Fri Feb 4 11:35:01 EST 2005

This is interesting...

The suggested script does not work if it is used in a savestackrequest

However, even having an empty savestackrequest handler still results in
the same problem - meaning that the visual garbage shows up prior to the
savestackrequest message being generated.

On the otherhand, the suggest script works perfectly is the save is done
through a button with a mouseup handler. Actually, it turns out that the
line 'go this card' is not necessary.

The following script, executed from a button, does not produce visual

On mouseUp
Set the cursor to watch
Lock screen
Save this stack
Unlock screen
End mouseUp

I guess (aint tried it yet), if the user was using ctrl-s to save, it
would need to be trapped and the above script executed with a rawkeydown
handler, before it gets to the savestackrequest point in the saving

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On 2/4/05 8:47 AM, Lynch, Jonathan wrote:

> I am sure there must be some way to refresh the card after saving so
> that the user never sees this problem. I would hate to give a user a
> stack that produces visual garbage.

I haven't tried it, but maybe this would work:

lock screen
save this stack
go this card
unlock screen

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