Mark Smith mark at
Fri Feb 4 08:59:34 EST 2005

On 4 Feb 2005, at 04:59, use-revolution-request at wrote:

> on saveArray
>    global gBigArray
>    -- target a specific custom property set
>    set the customPropertySet of stack "allMyArrays" to "uBigArray"
>    -- replace all elements of 'uBigArray' CPS with 'gBigArray'
>    set the customProperties of stack "allMyArrays" to gBigArray
>    -- save it
>    save stack "allMyArrays"
> end saveArray

In fact, it isn't necessary to set the the customPropertySet if you 
don't need to access elements of it directly. If you simply want to 
store an array you can do this:

on saveArray tMyArray
set the customProperties["storedArray1"] of this stack to tMyArray
end saveArray

to retrieve:

function getArray
put the customProperties["storedArray1"] of this stack into tMyArray
return tMyArray
end getArray

you can store as many arrays as you like this way, as 
customPropertySets are creatable and accessible using the above array 



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