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On 2/2/05 11:25 PM, "Paul Salyers" <ps1 at> wrote:

> Is making a patch for a program easy or hard to change minor things on a
> program that has already been compiled into an exe?

As Derek mentioned, if your users have only downloaded an exe and you want
to patch it, you'd have to use a patching program.

However, lot can be done if the architecture of the executable is thought
about ahead of time. For example, instead of a single exe, you could deliver
an exe and a stack file. The stack file would contain the actual "guts" of
the program, while the exe was only a "stub" that would immediately open the
stack file when it was launched. So instead of:


You have:

  MyApp.dat  -- or whatever you want to call it

And the preopenstack handler of the MyApp.exe is simply:

  open stack "MyApp.dat"

Now suppose the primary stack (MyApp.dat) had the internal name of "MyApp".
Then add the simple ability to look for a patch (if there ever is one) and
execute it after the primary stack opens. I like to connect to an
alternative stack like this by using "start using" to make the stack's
functions and handlers accessible, and the "stop using" it when I'm done:

on preOpenStack
  open stack "MyApp.dat"
  if there is a file "MyAppPatch.dat" then
    start using stack "MyAppPatch.dat"
    RunPatch  -- executes the "RunPatch" handler in MyAppPatch.dat
    stop using stack "MyAppPatch.dat"
    delete file "MyAppPatch.dat"  -- remove it so it doesn't run next time
  end if
end preOpenStack

Then, in the "patch" stack's stack script, there would be a handler called
"RunPatch" that would make modifications to MyApp and save it. For example,
suppose you needed to change a custom property of the MyApp stack. It could
be something like:

on RunPatch
  set the uCustomProp of stack "MyApp" to "100"
  save stack "MyApp"
end RunPatch

Or, if you wanted to change the location of a field on the third card of the
MyApp stack, you could do something like:

on RunPatch
  set the loc of field "MyField" of card 3 of stack "MyApp" to 10,20,100,200
  save stack "MyApp"
end RunPatch 

Anyway, you get the idea. With a good architecture up front, you can allow
users to download a simple stack, place it in the same directory as the
executable and know that your app will be patched the next time it is run.


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