What am I missing?

Cubist at aol.com Cubist at aol.com
Fri Feb 4 01:24:31 CST 2005

sez ps1 at softseven.org:

>     if tSSPC = tSSSN77 then
>       put tDHSSR into field "DSS"
>     else
>      put "Sorry, That isn't correct" into field "DSS"
>   end if
>I have the above code in a Rev stack
>tSSPC & tSSSN77 are 2 numbers I'm comparing.  I have put them both in a
>field and can see that they are the same in my test.
>tDHSSR holds information *IF* the above 2 are the same
>  field "DSS"  is the field the information (good or bad) is put in.''
>But I'm getting "Sorry, That isn't correct" no matter what.
>I hope some one can shed some lite on the deal.
   Are you sure the handler which contains the above code, knows about those 
variables? As a debugging test, I'd suggest putting the line "answer tSSPC & 
return & tSSSN77" *just* before that IF statement. This will show you *exactly* 
what Rev thinks it's working with. If *you* think Rev should be working with 
something else, hopefully this information will help you zero in on the 
   Hope this helps...

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