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Alex Tweedly alex at
Thu Feb 3 21:07:46 EST 2005

Chipp Walters wrote:

> So, this got Chris and I thinking about other externals. Before we 
> started, we wanted to get some feedback from RR users as which 
> externals you would like to see. Keep in mind, they need to be 
> cross-platform, and they need to have some sort of mass market appeal.
> Here are a couple of ideas we have:
> 1) USB external support. That about says it all right there!
> 2) Image Effects library. The ability to import/export many different 
> formats, apply special effects like dropped shadows, borders, sharpen 
> and blur and more.
> If you have any other ideas, please let us know, either on this list 
> or off.

1. What Gordon said - an external to make it easy to use existing 
libraries (dlls). Probably based on SWIG (as used by Perl, Python and 
many others).

2. 3D graphics interface. Interface to OpenGL, or maybe SDL

3. VOIP toolkit. Interface to existing SIP libraries, and controllable 
audio encoding (G711 or 723 or later, with the external managing all 
packet sending and reception). Choice of external talking either to 
hardware (i.e. handset or mic/spkrs) or passing audio buffers to the 
Transcript [and similarly taking audio buffer from Transcript and 
encoding/sending it].

4. numeric array/math package.

5. Does it NEED to be cross platform ????
If not - easy mechanism to interface to COM on Windows

Alex Tweedly

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