[ANN] Find & Replace patch now available...

Alex Tweedly alex at tweedly.net
Thu Feb 3 20:20:28 EST 2005

Chipp Walters wrote:

> Alex,
> No Need to fix, tracked it down last night. Turns out there's a problem
> with shared group references. It manifests itself in a spinning busy 
> icon which never stops and not hits seen in the fields below. I've 
> created a patch stack:
> go URL "http://www.altuit.com/webs/altuit2/RunRev/altRevSearchFix.rev"
> This stack will patch the revSearch.rev stack so that the group
> references are set correct. There's also a button to 'revert' to the old
> stack, though I'm at a lost why anyone would want to.

Thanks Chipp - it's great to have others find such answers for you :-)

Sorry to be slow in saying "thanks"- I started an email reply 
immediately, but got sidetracked on to how it would be good to have 
pointers to this and other unofficial IDE fixes (e.g. Ken's fix for 
search/filter) collected on some "well-known" web page. And then I got 
further side-tracked on to the topic of finding all the Rev goodies that 
are available (but often hard to find) on the widely scattered personal 
web pages. And that led me on to RevOnline and the missing features it 
lacks for searching and qualifying the scripts available. And that led 
to .....

Well - there was a lot of stuff that I probably should collect into 3 or 
4 focused emails and send someday, but this note of thanks shouldn't 
wait for me to do that ...


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