"refresh" the Finder?

Chris Sheffield revlist at cableone.net
Thu Feb 3 15:23:15 EST 2005

Does anyone know of some way that one can “refresh” the Finder under OS X?
I’m not even really sure if that’s the right question or not.  Let me

I have an application that runs from CD-ROM.  When the program launches, it
copies certain temporary files to the user’s preferences folder on the hard
drive.  When the program exits, it deletes those files if the user chooses
to.  The problem is that the folder where I store the files does not really
get deleted or something.  It’s hard to explain.  But if I navigate to the
Preferences folder, I see my temporary folder momentarily before it
disappears.  Now, if I do that in between sessions of running my
application, everything’s fine.  But if I don’t, then when the app runs
again, I get a file copy error.  And it's strange because you would think
that if the files were there it would just overwrite them, but that's not
the case.  Anyone know why this would be?  Has anyone seen anything like
this before?  It’s kind of the same thing where if you save a file from some
program (TextEdit for example) the file does not always appear listed in the
Finder until you refresh the view somehow (move to another folder then

Anyone have any ideas on this?  Something in Transciprt would be great, but
AppleScript or a shell command would be welcome too.


Chris Sheffield
Software Development
Read Naturally
csheffield at readnaturally.com

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