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Thu Feb 3 00:01:55 EST 2005

On 2/2/05 4:57 PM, Michael J. Lew wrote:

> When we command-option-click on a control we can conveniently edit its 
> script. However, if we are in browse mode then we also activate any 
> mouseUp handler in the control. I think that is bad behaviour because 
> I'm always intending to edit the script, not activate the control. I am 
> a slow learner and make the mistake many times a day. I'm very tired of 
> it. You might be too.
> Are there any circumstances when you would WANT to activate the control 
> with the click that opens the script editor in the IDE? There is 
> certainly circumstances where it is annoying: if a button has a 
> long-lasting script, or if the button initiates a series of message 
> calls to part of its own script.
> There are at least two bugzilla reports about this behaviour, but they 
> are resolved as not a bug (1884) and as a duplicate (1966). I would be 
> very pleased if Alex Tweedy would re-open BZ bug #1884, and if all of 
> you would vote for it.

I couldn't agree more. I didn't like the old "hover" method, I much 
prefer Cmd-Opt-click because it has been a standard way to edit scripts 
in all xtalks for the last 18 years. I'm used to it. It's in my muscle 
memory. But there is never a situation where I Cmd-Opt-click on an 
object and want the object's script to execute. If I wanted that, I 
wouldn't be holding down those keys.

I suppose we could make the argument that changing the behavior would 
prohibit the creation of buttons that respond to Cmd-Opt-click. That's 
true, it would. Aside from the fact that a button like that is pretty 
awful interface, suspending the development environment to test these 
buttons would be a small price to pay. It wouldn't happen very often, or 
at least I hope it wouldn't.

I also miss the ability to Cmd-Opt-click on the script editor window 
itself and have the script close without saving changes. This is 
something else that has been in both HyperCard and MetaCard forever, and 
I *always* use it by accident in Revolution to close the window -- and 
end up editing the script of the script editor. It makes me crazy.

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