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Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Feb 2 18:26:38 EST 2005

Michael J. Lew wrote:

> When we command-option-click on a control we can conveniently edit its 
> script. However, if we are in browse mode then we also activate any 
> mouseUp handler in the control. I think that is bad behaviour because 
> I'm always intending to edit the script, not activate the control. I 
> am a slow learner and make the mistake many times a day. I'm very 
> tired of it. You might be too.
> Are there any circumstances when you would WANT to activate the 
> control with the click that opens the script editor in the IDE? There 
> is certainly circumstances where it is annoying: if a button has a 
> long-lasting script, or if the button initiates a series of message 
> calls to part of its own script.
> There are at least two bugzilla reports about this behaviour, but they 
> are resolved as not a bug (1884) and as a duplicate (1966). I would be 
> very pleased if Alex Tweedy would re-open BZ bug #1884, and if all of 
> you would vote for it.


I found Kevin's argument that "there have been many complaints that the 
IDE interferes too much" was quite convincing, so I'd need some 
persuading. (I do agree with you that this seems unlikely to interfere 
with anything anyone is trying to do - but non-interference seems like a 
pretty good principle, that should only be broken when the case for it 
is compelling).

I now use "Inspector Gadget" by Jerry Daniels - see the announcement at  

(but use the second URL, not the top one).

This provides the functionality based only on Ctrl-Alt-hover   (only it 
now works every time, unlike the rather vague, imperfect way it used to 
work in 2.2), and combines it with other useful features. I'd recommend 
trying that and see if it satisfies the need for a quick way to get into 
script editor.

Alex Tweedly

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