Command Line Start up/Exit

T. R. Ponn alptex2 at
Wed Feb 2 11:27:15 CST 2005

Hello...and Help!

I would like to add a feature to my app that would allow Win/Lin/OSX 
users to:

1. Start the app up from the command line
2. Make certain settings and load files into the hardware my app is 
3. Exit the app

Simple enough...I *think*...using:

Example: From the command line, user enters <myApp -m "512K" -f "file.hex">

on startUp
  get setROMMask(word 2 of $1) -- function to set the ROM mask of the 
hardware, in this example the mask is set to 512K
  get loadFile(word 2 of $2) -- function to load a file into the 
hardware memory, in this example "file.hex" is loaded
end startup

This, however, doesn't give the user any feedback...were errors 
encountered during setup or file loading?

So....I would like to return any errors back to the user.  How do I 
accomplish this?  Do I use a shell command before I quit?

Thanks for any help you can lend!

Best Regards,

Tim Ponn

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