Scrolling groups get messed up after saving

MisterX b.xavier at
Wed Feb 2 12:06:06 EST 2005

This would do it...

on closecard
  set the vscroll of group badgroup to 0 
  pass closecard
end closestack

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> Subject: Scrolling groups get messed up after saving
> It is a cosmetic problem mainly, but still annoying. After 
> saving a stack with a scrolling group containing a number of 
> objects - the objects in that group appear doubled - or 
> otherwise messed up. Various things, such as selected those 
> objects with the selector tool, will restore the appearance 
> of the group to normal.
> My question is this - does anyone know of a simple command to 
> put inside a save script that will restore the look of the 
> card after it has been saved?
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