Expression calculations in message box

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Wed Feb 2 08:18:42 CST 2005

>AlexTweedy wrote:
>Open a new Runrev session.
>Open the message box (single line)
>Type into it
>    put 1 into m; put ((m)+9)
>What value should appear ?
>I expected 10 - but I actually get 1
>If I put a space between the two "("s - i.e. 
>    put 1 into m; put ( (m)+9)
>then I do indeed get 10.
>Don't see the same problem when using the multi-line message box - but
>this is baffling me.
>Is there something special about the message box that would explain this
>anomaly ?
>Or is there something non-obvious (to me) about this expression ?
>Alex Tweedly


I can confirm your results in RR 2.2.1, Mac OS X .

I also find that

      put 1 into m; put (m+9)

gives the expected value of 10

There used (Run Rev 1.1) to be significant differences between the 
behavior of message box commands and the same commands executed in 
other controls--buttons for example. Even in your case-- put 1 into 
m; put ((m)+9)-- will give 10 if executed in a button handler.

But, on the positive side, most of the old message box problems have 
been fixed.


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