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Wed Feb 2 06:04:03 EST 2005

On 1/2/05 10:17 pm, "Derek Bump" <webmaster at dreamscapesoftware.com> wrote:

>> Add the other status options, put your email (or a substring like
>> "dreamscape") in for "reporter" and click the "Remember this as my
>> default query" checkbox.
> Thank you for the suggestion.  I will do that.
>> I do worry that so many bugs remain in Unconfirmed status for so long ....
> Yes, makes me think that no one cares about my bugs. ;)

Right now the status on the database is somewhat behind the actual status of
the bugs.  We bring the two into sync in batches from time to time, so you
should see a lot of movement in the near future.  I hear what you're saying
about confirming bugs faster, its something we aim to gradually improve on
over the course of the year.

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