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I don't know if this is of any use. Interesting reading, anyway. A lot of 
apps seem to break these specs.

Design Specifications and Guidelines - Integrating with the System

Then click:   Installation (covers uninstalling)


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> On a Mac, you customarily install an app by dragging the app or a folder 
> from a DMG to your drive.  Uninstalling means simply dragging it to the 
> trach, and any preferences files are left behind.
> On Windows I use Wise Install to copy the app into its own folder in 
> /Program Files/, and when the app is run it puts its prefs data in a 
> folder within the user's Documents and Settings folder.
> Historically I've treated everything in the Documents and Settings folder 
> as belonging to the user, and do not bother with uninstalling. Moreover, 
> on multi-user systems I may not know where to find all of the user 
> Documents and Settings folders for everyone who may have run the app.
> So what is the normal convention for uninstall on Win XP?
> Should I:
> a) leave prefs in the user's Documents and Settings files
>    as is common with files in the Mac's Preferences folder?
> b) Delete only the prefs data in the current user's Documents
>    and Settings folder?
> c) Attempt to delete prefs from the Documents and Settings
>    folders for all users on the computer?
> Extra bonus points for Win HIG verse and chapter; I couldn't find the 
> section on how to handle such things.
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