[OT] Win convention question

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Feb 1 19:19:05 EST 2005

On a Mac, you customarily install an app by dragging the app or a folder 
from a DMG to your drive.  Uninstalling means simply dragging it to the 
trach, and any preferences files are left behind.

On Windows I use Wise Install to copy the app into its own folder in 
/Program Files/, and when the app is run it puts its prefs data in a 
folder within the user's Documents and Settings folder.

Historically I've treated everything in the Documents and Settings 
folder as belonging to the user, and do not bother with uninstalling. 
Moreover, on multi-user systems I may not know where to find all of the 
user Documents and Settings folders for everyone who may have run the app.

So what is the normal convention for uninstall on Win XP?

Should I:

a) leave prefs in the user's Documents and Settings files
    as is common with files in the Mac's Preferences folder?

b) Delete only the prefs data in the current user's Documents
    and Settings folder?

c) Attempt to delete prefs from the Documents and Settings
    folders for all users on the computer?

Extra bonus points for Win HIG verse and chapter; I couldn't find the 
section on how to handle such things.

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