Martin Baxter martin at
Tue Feb 1 14:41:51 CST 2005

Well, I entered an enhancement request in bugilla (#2570).

I realised this could be useful to me too as I almost always use my Windows
machine for development (it being newest and therefore fastest), but still
need to support my legacy Macs for the forseeable future, and currently am
struggling to afford the UK renewal price for my lapsed enterprise license.

Martin Baxter

>That's too bad that you can't build for classic on Windows. I use a PC and
>all the computers at my school are mac classics. Using Dreamcard player
>won't work for me.
>Martin, that's a good idea. Could someone please look into this? Or maybe
>an enhancement in Bugzilla?
>>I wonder if it would be difficult for RR to make a module for PPC which
>>*only* built classic standalones. I mean no IDE or any of that, simply a
>>standalone builder that you could download. You would still need a Mac to
>>run it, and perhaps a valid license key for Windows or Unix, but you
>>wouldn't need to buy 2 copies of studio just so you could still build a Mac
>>classic standalone despite the fact that you do the development on windows.
>>Just musing aloud,
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