counting the amount of items in a csv

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Tue Feb 1 12:37:35 EST 2005

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>I am interested in counting the amount of items in the first line of a
>How would I do this?
   First off, be aware that CSV is evil. CSV isn't *one* file format, it's an 
arbitrary collection of independently-developed file formats which differ 
from each other in arbitrary ways. because of this, it may not even be *possible* 
to provide a general solution which covers *all* CSV formats.
   Having said all that, there *may* be a simple solution for your particular 
problem. I wouldn't want to raise your hopes prematurely (see 1st paragraph 
above), but have you tried this?

open file WhicheverCSVFile
read from file WhicheverCSVFile until EOF
close file WhicheverCSVFile
put it into Fred
put (the number of items in line 1 of Fred) into TheKount

   Hope this helps...

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