Quoting the list

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Feb 1 12:26:56 EST 2005

Dan Shafer wrote:
 >> ...it sometimes seems like there's a lot of redundant quoting
 >> going on on the list,
 > Yeah, this issue surfaces from time to time on all the lists
 > I subscribe to. Ultimately, people simply forget to do the
 > editing. I've been championing the cause for years to no avail.

A lot of email clients are set up by default to put the entire message 
quoted below the new reply.  Mine is too.  I manually rearrange things 
to put quoted posts in top-to-bottom order for two reasons:

- Top-to-bottom is how people read, so it can make the relevance
   of the quoted material more self-evident.

- It annoys me to do so, so I quote as little as possible. :)

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