Happy New Year !

Scott Kane scott at proherp.com
Sat Dec 31 22:56:43 EST 2005

> I have to say also its just been a wonderfull year as my 
> first with RR,  
> Thank you all !!

Ditto.  It's been very interesting, though at times
stressful.  When I first decided to write cross-platform
I looked at Kylix (deceased), Lazarus (no support for Carbon),
QT (a real mess), RealBasic (should be renamed RealBugs, a
simple tabbed interface becomes a nightmare of controls bleeding
through to other pages) and finally Rev.  Rev in stable and (now)
lots of fun to use.  :-)  I'm looking forward to 2006 and using
Rev' to allow me to access markets previous unreachable to me.


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