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Sarah Reichelt wrote:
> On 12/31/05, Stgoldberg at <Stgoldberg at> wrote:
>>What are the optimal Revolution stack dimensions to fill a screen set at
>>1024x768 resolution (I'm using Mac OSX to develop)? Setting the stack dimensions
>>to 1024x768 seems too big, because the titlebar adds extra space on Windows,
>>and the dock gets in the way on Macintosh. It would seem that one would have
>>to set the stack dimensions to less than 1024x768. But what dimensions are
>>optimal? Thanks.
>>Steve Goldberg
> On Macs, the top of the stack needs to be down about 44 pixels and
> then you need to leave space for the dock at the bottom. You can use
> the windowBoundingRect to tell you how much space this leaves you, or
> you can just make an allowance that will be OK for a large dock and
> leave space above a small dock.
> With Windows, you will need to allow for the taskbar at the bottom. I
> don't know how big this is, but again, the windowBoundingRect should
> tell you.
> Side-to-side, you can fill the screen on either platform.

Actually, I keep my dock on the right instead of at the bottom, and 
Windows users can also move the toolbar to one side. Both Mac and 
Windows allow the dock/toolbar to be resized to various dimensions also 
(I keep mine really teeny.) So you can't even count on side-to-side 

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