"returnInField problem" becomes font problem

Friedrich F. Grohmann shedrup at ms9.hinet.net
Thu Dec 29 20:43:04 EST 2005

First of all, thanks to everybody who thought about my problem and 
offered advice.

Paul suggested:

>Try rearranging the pieces.:
>put myVariable & return into fld x
>select after fld x

What happens with this arrangement is that the cursor jumps to the 
beginning of line 2!

Mark reassessed the whole situation:

>Going back to the original question, I think there may be a context  
>problem - the problem arising when putting text into fld "x" from  
>another stack, so the returnInField handler can't find fld "y",  
>because the current stack is tnot the stack in which fld "y" resides.

That's not a problem. See below.

Finally, Richard wondered:

>Where does the data come from?  Could it have invisible control 
>characters or nulls in it?

The field in stack A contains text, very simple and innocent. However, 
inspired by this question, I began to poke around a little bit and made a 
startling discovery: the "Contents" displayed in the object inspector of 
this text field do not correspond, in terms of font, to what the field 
itself displays! They show two different fonts instead of the uniform 
picture the field suggest. So the whole mess has to with fonts.

Please, let me give a rough sketch of the situation since font problems 
have impeded my work with Rev considerably and I dearly look forward to 
be able to finally surmount these troubles. So here is the background:

Both stacks was originally created in Hypercard. When I ported stack A to 
Rev I carved it up, for the sake of convenience and simplicity, into one 
main stack containing all the Chinese text fields and two substacks for 
Tibetan and Manju respectively. Manju is transliterated into Roman script 
and needs special characters wherefore I used DPalatino for the relevant 
fields in the original. This doesn't work for OS X and I decided on 
Gentium which is rather pleasing to the eye. 

The trouble with the diacritics is that I can't put them into a Rev field 
via the Character Palette. So I go to my trusted wordprocessor (Nisus 
Writer Express) and type the stuff I need in neat Gentium. As soon as I 
paste this into a Rev field, itself set to Gentium, the special character 
will inevitably show in a different font. 

This is not only an aesthetic question. I just tried to identify the 
culprit and if I am not mistaken the font popping up out of the blue is 
AppleMyungjo -which is Korean! I'm not hundred percent sure but obviously 
all the woes begin here...

I've checked with other cards in the stack with pure Gentium in the field 
and my original script works beautifully. So it is not a question of 
communicating between two stacks. It's a Rev specific font problem, maybe 
Unicode related. 

Any solution sincerely appreciated.


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