returnInField problem

Friedrich F. Grohmann shedrup at
Thu Dec 29 12:43:41 EST 2005

Malte was so kind to make the following suggestion:

>have you tried numToChar(10) ?
>put numToChar(13)=return ->false
>put numToChar(10)=return ->true

Yes, I've tried it. To no avail, though. 

Mark mentioned: 

>Nothing wrong with 'type return', either.

Alas, that still doesn't work.

Finally, Paul pointed to some light at the end of the tunnel:

>You should also be able to use:
>put myVariable & return into fld x

Unfortunately, the problem persists and something rather unexpected 
happens in addition with this script: the cursor jumps in front of the 
word! Very bizarre.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I am still at a loss. Could there be a 
difference between the value of x when it is put into a field via a 
variable and x typed directly into the field? As I mentioned, the latter 
option works but what I need is communication between two stacks. 

Further suggestions highly appreciated.


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