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Thu Dec 29 10:22:05 EST 2005


The multi-line message box will execute if the actual "enter" key is  
depressed. The key on many machines that says "enter" on it, may, in  
Rev's view, actually be the "return" key and generate a  
"returnInfield" message for the multi-line message box.

On most machines (esp. laptops), holding down the function key and  
depressing the actual "return" key will result in an "enterInField"  
message to be sent to the message box.

On desktop machines, most of their keyboards have an actual "enter"  
key at the bottom right corner.


Jerry Daniels

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On Dec 29, 2005, at 8:03 AM, Jerry Muelver wrote:

> Shouldn't the Message Box execute after several lines of code when  
> you press "Enter" on a blank line?
> Doesn't happen in RR 2.6.1 Linux. Nothing in the docs (that I can  
> find) on the use of Message Box...
> or on compiling to standalone... nothing on locking or passwording  
> or otherwise protecting stacks... no Help buttons in most IDE  
> dialogs... Help button in Choose Directory dialog does nothing...
> I'm trying to get set to expose my first RR app to the eager  
> consuming public, and these little snags (probably due to my own  
> inexperience) are knotting my knickers a bit.
> ---- Jerry Muelver
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