using EXT.dll to install and remove fonts

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Dec 29 05:34:41 EST 2005

Hi Chipp,

> Thanks Klaus,
> I chatted with both Tuviah and Kevin recently about the EXT.dll and  
> documentation/support source code for it.
> Turns out neither knows much about it. Actually, EXT.dll currently  
> ships with Rev, but according to Kevin is not used.


> Somewhere along the way, the source code has been lost,

Mon dieux! Inspiring confidence! ;-)

> which isn't too bad as much of the functiionality is already  
> embedded within the engine.
> Also, the ext_loadfont command hangs the current vers of Rev.
> Chris Bohnert of Altuit is working on an external to enable dynamic  
> realtime loading of
> fonts for Windows (without having to 'install' into the fonts folder).

Good boy :-)

> Is this something of interest to Mac users as well?

Sure it is!

> best,
> Chipp


Klaus Major
klaus at

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