Automating Rev Apps in OS X

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the way MacOS X and other Unixes schedule tasks is the way of  
cronjobs, cron is a nice tool that comes bundled with all *nix and  
MacOS X that allows you to launch apps and processess using all kinds  
of calendar tricks, repetition and whatever... there are lots of info  
on cron on the web, and the format of the crontab file (the  
configuration file for cron) is pretty easy, it's plain text, one  
entry per line, very easy.


On Dec 27, 2005, at 7:16 AM, Dan Shafer wrote:

> This may be common knowledge among OS X folks but since it was a  
> new thought
> to me, I figured I'd share it anyway.
> If you want to launch a Rev standalone app (or, for that matter,  
> Rev itself)
> at a specific date and time in OS X, you can do so simply by using  
> iCal to
> define an alarm for that date/time and set its behavior to "open  
> file".
> Select your app from the list of apps available to be opened  
> (usually this
> means using "other..." at the end of that menu). By defining a  
> repeating
> event, you can have the app launch as often as needed.
> For all I know there's some equivalent way to do this using Outlook on
> Windows. I'll leave that to the Windows dudes and dudettes.
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