SQLite Issue

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at gmail.com
Tue Dec 27 05:47:20 EST 2005

> Agreed.  I got so messed up with it all I threw the
> example together.  Really there should be no loop at
> all as it is not needed.  What I'm really having trouble
> with is placing each edit field into the array.  I know
> the problem is a lack of script knowledge and that's
> doubly frustrating when I know how to do the same
> thing in three other programming languages without
> even giving it a second thought.  <g>   For some
> reason some parts of Rev scripting just don't gel
> in my mind as yet.  What I'm really trying to do is
> place the value of fields into the array that make
> up a data entry stack.  In a sense:
> Put edName into X element, Put edAddress into x element.

What about:

put edName into myArray[name]
put edAddress into myArray[address]


put edName into myArray[1]
put edAddress into myArray[2]

Is this what you were trying to do?


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