Debugging and the execution path

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Sat Dec 24 21:30:31 CST 2005

It seems there are two requests...

- one to make a variable whose value has just changed to be easy to  
see and
- another to stop execution, like a breakpoint.



Jerry Daniels

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On Dec 24, 2005, at 8:09 PM, Dennis Brown wrote:

> Jerry,
> The reason I wanted a "watched" variables folder was not because I  
> expected execution to stop if any value changed, it was because I  
> have so many variables, that I wanted to reduce the widow area  
> needed to see all the variables I needed to see in order to debug  
> the suspect area of a script.  Half of my variables are arrays  
> (large ones) --and globals at that.  So any of these methods that  
> allow a reduced set of variables to be visible at once are of  
> interest to me.  Many times I am desk checking the result of a  
> variable that has changed against the variables used in the  
> calculation, so even though the input variable values did not  
> change, I still want to see their values.
> Dennis
> PS.  Please send me the test version also and I will see how I like  
> it.
> On Dec 24, 2005, at 8:14 PM, Jerry Daniels wrote:
>> Question for Variable Watching folks:
>> Why do we want a list of watched variables?
>> I ask this because I only want to see them if their value changes.
>> What if any value that changes is hilited?
>> That approach would be far more economical (processing time, and  
>> real estate) AND I think it gives the desired effect--you get to  
>> watch any variable whose value changes after the execution of a  
>> line of code.
>> But maybe I'm missing something. Before you answer that, read the  
>> next paragraph, please.
>> NOTE for Constellation Users: If you would like to see the  
>> approach to variable watching that I just mentioned, let me know  
>> and I'll email you a non-released version of Constellation that  
>> has a free-standing (non embedded) version of this variable watcher.
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