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Jerry Daniels jerry at
Sat Dec 24 10:39:08 EST 2005

Geoff, et al.,

Interesting and reasonable suggestions.

Where to store the data?

I always go back and forth on whether or not to store information in  
the object or keep yet another local database of data for objects in  
the session. The formatting of scripts, for instance, is kept local  
to Constellation to a great extent because of its size. If the data  
is small and it could be of use from session to session, I tend to  
store it in the object as an OPTION with its own preference.

How to display the calling chain?

This one is somewhat dictated by Constellation window real estate is  
quite high-priced at the moment. I, too, prefer the more literal and  
visual depictions as indicated in one of your emails. But the pop  
down menu has the advantage of appearing and disappearing upon  
request, thought not the perfect solution.

How to place a var on the "watch list"?

Here again, I bow to some of the UI already existent within  
Constellation. I have no clickable checkboxes to the left of any  
elements in lists. I have folders into which one may drag and drop  
things. I DO, however colorize a line if it is a breakpoint, so I  
could do that and not break the paradigms within Constellation, but  
then it's not as easy to see what is in your watch list if there are  
lots of vars.

How to handle globals that are not really being used in the current  

I'm not sure just how useful globals are if they are not being called  
within the handler. I have a tendency to just chuck them into a  
globals folder and that's that. However, I wonder why we need 50 of  
them if they're not being used in the handler.

I'm interested in feedback and ideas on these  
questions...particularly that last one.


Jerry Daniels

Ten Script & Property Editors in ONE Window!

On Dec 23, 2005, at 1:36 PM, Geoff Canyon wrote:

> On Dec 22, 2005, at 9:53 AM, Jerry Daniels wrote:
>> In either scenario, indented items would be capable of collapse  
>> and expand functionality via disclosure triangles.
>> Whadda ya think?
> However you like. The crucial thing for me would be to call out a  
> list of variables for special attention. Those variables need to be  
> easily viewable as a group. In other words, if you have a list of  
> variable/value pairs, there needs to be some way to see the  
> variables you're interested in without expanding the list to the  
> height of the screen, even if those variables don't sort together  
> automatically.
> Man, I'm getting less clear by the second. In Navigator you have a  
> list of all the objects on a card, but you might be interested in  
> only five of them. You can double-click those five objects in the  
> list to place references to the (bookmarks) at the top of the list.  
> Then you can ignore the rest of the list and just deal with the  
> bookmarks. That's what I want ;-)
> I should point out that the debugger/variable watcher is likely the  
> feature that would cause me to purchase Constellation. I do all of  
> my work in Navigator, the script editor/debugger, and the message  
> box. If Constellation replaces the debugger, I'd pretty much  
> abandon the Rev environment entirely. (what a weird concept)
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