Roadmap to a suite of supplemental office programs, V.0.1

Lynch, Jonathan bnz2 at
Fri Dec 23 10:39:53 EST 2005

Here is a version 0.1 of the roadmap to creating this proposed suite of
supplemental office applications (Remember, it is just a starting point
for carrying forward the discussion):

- Converse on the use-Revolution list to:
  1) figure out the general theme of the suite
  2) Get a general idea of the core applications
  3) figure out the system for collaboration (Dan suggested Source
  4) figure out who is interested in participating

- Converse on whatever is our system for collaboration
  1) Figure out what the core applications will be
  2) Work out the specifics of how data will be stored
  3) Work out who will work on which components
  4) Figure out how the components will interact
  5) Plan the milestones for development, with target dates

- Create the application
  1) Each developer works on the app(s) they have chosen
  2) At each milestone in development, post the app for review by the
  3) At each milestone, we all test how well the apps interact as a
  4) At each milestone, test the apps on innocent volunteer users

- Beta testing

- Marketing the application

Y'alls ideas?

Take care,


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