Stacks Shapes Via Pictures

Scott Rossi scott at
Fri Dec 23 05:16:52 EST 2005

Recently, Scott Kane wrote:

> I have a question on creating Stacks in
> the shape of a particular picture.  I know I saw
> and example somewhere, but I can't remember where
> and it doesn't seem to be on Rev Online.  Basically
> what I'm needing is a method to make a stack (the main
> "window") take the shape of an image (bitmap etc) and
> make the corners transparent so that only the image is displayed.

You're looking for the windowShape property, which relies on an imported
bitmap that acts as a mask for the stack (window).  You can use GIF or PNG
format images, but the variable transparency possible in PNG images allow
for a smoother looking appearance in cases of curves and non-rectilinear


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