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Thu Dec 22 17:45:55 EST 2005

Robert Presender wrote:
> Is it possible to replace a menu button in a menuBar of one substack 
> with a menu button from another substack?  Using OS 10.3.9 and Rev 2.5.1.
> For example: replace btn 3 of stack A with btn 1 of stack B.

Not like that. But you can change the properties of a button to match 
another one. You can set its name, which will change the menu item in 
the menu bar. Then you can put the text of button 3 of stack A into 
button 1 of stack B, and set the script of one button to the script of 
the other.

If you are going to do this in a standalone though, you'll run into 
problems with the scriptlimits if the script is more than 10 lines.

You'll want to "lock menus" before you start and unlock them when you 
are done, because (at least on Macs) changing menus is not only slow, 
but also they won't update properly otherwise.

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