A supplement suite of office programs?

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I don't know what they are developing Chandler in, but this quote from
that page says a lot:

"The next release of Chandler is 0.6 and will include usable calendar

Calendar functionality just isn't that big of an accomplishment. Task
Mage has a very functional calendar, and I built it by myself in the
mornings before coming to work.

With Rev we can create a suite of supplemental office-ware that is much
better than what is out there, and we can quickly modify and upgrade to
meet the suggestions and demands of our client base. It is not just what
we start with, but what we finish with.

I would see the tool as being more comprehensive than Chandler. They

"Chandler is a next-generation Personal Information Manager (PIM),
integrating calendar, email, contact management, task management, notes,
and instant messaging functions."

There is no end to the number of apps we could include. We can certainly
include the same functionalities as they have, but there are many other
possibilities - like a simple-to-use billing program, or an application
that guides sales people through a step-by-step process for selling
their product, or an application that helps you create easy-to-use
checklists that you can link to directly from the other applications. 

In addition to the freeware components, we can include optional paid-for
components (stacks) for specified uses (or professional versions).

For example, Task Mage is an intuitive to-do list/task management
program that integrates notes and 2nd level to-do lists into each task
file. It is designed to be run either on your own computer, or on a
shared drive (I am considering other manifestations as well). One
possibility would be a program called "Management Mage" (or maybe
something less dorky sounding) that does various things to help
managers, including the capacity to update the manager on the status of
each task of each employee. Management Mage would be sold a-la-cart,
separately from the Work Mage suite.

Work Mage would (among other things) serve as a vehicle for selling lots
of different applications produced by RunRev developers. If a user wants
to buy one of these apps that are sold separately from the freeware
suite, they just download it and save it to the same folder that
contains Work Mage. Next time they run Work Mage, the app will appear in
the list of applications, and they can run it.

The way to divvy up work seems pretty straight forward. Anyone wanting
to participate can contribute an application(s) to the suite. If two
apps need to communicate with each other, then the developers working on
those apps need to work that out together. Any freelance work that is
generated by the suite could be bid on by any (or all) of the developers
who have contributed. Any customization work would go directly to the
developer of the specific app that is to be customized. Any a-la-cart
sales would go to the developer of that particular a-la-cart component.
However, in order to contribute an a-la-cart component, you should also
have contributed a freeware component.

I am open to all ideas, of course. These are just ideas off the top of
my head. 

Take care,


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> Y'alls thoughts?

Kind of like Chandler?


-Mark Wieder
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