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Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Thu Dec 22 11:27:33 CST 2005

Good idea for the focus variables.. I know that I end up with a long list
and always seem to want to watch a few variables that start with
"a,f,g,m,r,s,t,w,z" in the actual order of "z,a,w,f,t,g,s,a,z,a,t,... yuk"

My suggestion to Jerry was that we have a left column for toggling focus
variables that would move to a top section, sorted alpha.

Additional idea was that the most recently updated variable would have the
full version shown, rather than having to click to see it, if it was more
than one line or 100 chars.

Additional idea was that this full version update could be locked on one
variable, rather than jumping around, such as a list that is being built.

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 12/22/05 9:09 AM, "Dennis Brown" <see3d at> wrote:

> Jerry,
> One of the things I consider inconvenient in the Var Watcher today,
> is that if you have a lot of variables (globals), the list is too
> long and you end up scrolling all over the place to find the
> variables of interest.  I would welcome having a way to auto scroll
> and highlight the variable of interest in the script by pointing to
> the name in the script (with modifier).  I think at one time I
> suggested that the tooltip would display the value of a variable that
> you pointed to --just scrolling to that variable in the watcher would
> also work for me.  I really encourage you to take on a variable
> watcher enhancement to Constellation.  I would be happy to see
> Constellation evolve into the next standard for Revolution IDE.
> Dennis

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