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Thu Dec 22 12:09:54 EST 2005


One of the things I consider inconvenient in the Var Watcher today,  
is that if you have a lot of variables (globals), the list is too  
long and you end up scrolling all over the place to find the  
variables of interest.  I would welcome having a way to auto scroll  
and highlight the variable of interest in the script by pointing to  
the name in the script (with modifier).  I think at one time I  
suggested that the tooltip would display the value of a variable that  
you pointed to --just scrolling to that variable in the watcher would  
also work for me.  I really encourage you to take on a variable  
watcher enhancement to Constellation.  I would be happy to see  
Constellation evolve into the next standard for Revolution IDE.


On Dec 22, 2005, at 11:24 AM, Jerry Daniels wrote:

> Colleagues,
> I'm encouraged by your enthusiasm for an embedded var watcher in  
> Constellation to replace the Rev Var watcher palette that we now use.
> Here's what I'm proposing to do:
> - inclusion of an embedded var watcher in Constellation as opposed  
> to using Rev's as a separate palette
> - new var watcher general behavior
>      + only appears during debugging session
>      + props and preview disappear during debugging session
>      + new var watcher appears where props and preview would  
> normally appear
>      + new var watcher automatically appears during debugging session
>      + new var watcher automatically disappears when debugging  
> session is over
>      + props and preview reappear when debugging session is over
> - new var watcher features
>      + calling path
>          = drop down menu at top with calling path item in each  
> line of menu
>          = type of handler will be indicated in path item
>          = path syntax will be like transcript syntax
>          = choosing a calling path will reconstruct its context  
> showing its vars and values
>      + var names
>          = name will appear in first column
>          = if var is an array, a disclosure triangle will precede
>          = clicking array disclosure triangle will reveal element  
> keys and values
>      + var values
>          = first 100 chars and/or first line of var value will appear
>          = values will be links
>          = clicking link will make entire value of var editable
>          = array elements will be editable in same fashion when  
> disclosed
> I have been somewhat reluctant to do this because most of this  
> functionality is in Rev's var watcher. However, the approach  
> outlined above, does offer several advantages, and hearing from  
> folks so enthusiastically offers me encouragement.
> I appreciate the offer of additional monies for upgrade, and  
> certainly won't turn down paypal donations (paypal button at http:// 
> That said, spreading the word "amongst  
> yourselves" and thus increasing Constellation market share would be  
> an excellent tribute (payment) for this boon (embedded variable  
> watcher) and future improvements.
> Reminder: Constellation still only costs 50 dollars US. That's a  
> cheap dinner for two in any major metro area. If you live in your  
> mom's (or your wife's!) basement, she spends that kind of money on  
> your food every couple of days.
> Happy Holidays!
> Jerry Daniels
> Tool makers for the 21st century
> P.S. Dick, please send your install-again-for-each-rev-version hack  
> to me (better rename it so Rev doesn't go bonkers), so I can see  
> what  you're talking about.
> On Dec 21, 2005, at 6:43 PM, Dick Kriesel wrote:
>> I have an install-again-for-each-rev-version hack that does some  
>> of this in
>> the Rev Variable Watcher.  If you'd like to see it, let me know.   
>> I hope
>> you'll extend Constellation with a new variable watcher.  I'm even  
>> willing
>> in principle to pay an upgrade fee for it.
>> -- Dick
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