Happy Holidays...

Jerry Muelver jerry at hytext.com
Thu Dec 22 11:07:54 EST 2005

From: "Lynch, Jonathan"

> I enjoyed Richmond's PC Christmas greetings to everyone, and thought I'd
>do the same...
> For a list of celebrations that occur around the same time as the winter
> solstice, check out:

> http://www.religioustolerance.org/winter_solstice.htm

Wonderful, very inclusive list! And, I must say, it's about time we atheists 
and other non-believers got recognition for our dedicated, persistent 
observance of Winter Solstice. By the way, I regret to report that our local 
Winter Solstice bonfire was unsuccessful this year -- heavy wet snowstorms 
followed by sub-zero temperatures made the brushpile unignitable by natural 
(non-petroleum-assisted) means -- so the Sun has not been shown how to 
return to full glory, and summer in the Northern Hemispere will be cancelled 
this year. Oh well, there's always next time!

---- Jerry Muelver 

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