Bush-like weasel words about standalone

Thomas McGrath III 3mcgrath at adelphia.net
Wed Dec 21 21:58:05 EST 2005


OS9 is only build-able on an OS9-X machine but OSX is build-able on  
Windows so if you really get stuck and need an OS9 build I am sure  
someone on the list who has a mac can help out. I will if you really  
need OS9. I am assuming however that what you really need and want is  
OSX. OS9 is on it's death bed and not really worth the investment to  
develop for.

Let us know what you really want and what your plans are???

P.S. I love my VW Bus (72 Transporter converted into a Camper Bus).  
Wish I had an OS for it, that would be cool.

Tom McGrath

On Dec 21, 2005, at 8:12 PM, Preston Shea wrote:

> The Revolution Website promises:
> I went back to the sweeping assertions and noticed that "Develop  
> Linux and Unix applications on Windows, develop Windows  
> applications on Mac" doesn't say you can develop Mac standalones on  
> Windows - only that one can preview the look and feel. Like  
> "weapons of mass destruction related program activities," one has  
> to look carefully to find out what it means by what it says." OK, I  
> should have known better. I'm not really even sore. But I would  
> like to know what I'm going to have to do to make a standalone for  
> the Earth Shoe and VW Bus OS. I've tried the Rev. docs (Ha! I  
> should have known after a month of ownership) and the otherwise  
> admirable Rev.net on-line. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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