Help badly needed about StandAlone and save procedures during development

Pierre Bernaert pierre.bernaert at
Wed Dec 21 05:18:49 CST 2005

Hi Sarah,

In fact I did something which solved my problem:

• Being under development tool I "Saved as"   my application.
• Loaded this last file and built a standalone which was OK

Now I'm able to debug the standalone fine.

Many thanks for your help but I'm still interested in reading some  
stuff about these topics

If you or somebody else have eared about documentation I'm very  



Le 21 déc. 05 à 04:18, Sarah Reichelt a écrit :

>>   I Developed One main stack with 3 sub-stacks which work as I like
>> to running under Revolution.
>> I wanted to test the stuff as standalone so I generated it for MAC OS
>> and Windows generating each sub-stack as separated files. (Thanks to
>> Sarah Reichelt (for her document saving data in Revolution  
>> Standalones))
>> Then Big surprise:
>>         • At least 1 of the sub-stack generated was at a level  
>> something 1
>> month behind.
>>         • Back to the original I noticed that saving where  
>> numerous then
>> when reopening the original I got the same old version again. I am
>> afraid of  loosing one month work.
> Hi Pierre,
> I am guessing that you are using some sort of archiving tool to keep
> multiple backups and the standalone builder is picking the wrong ones
> to include in your app.

No, I  just duplicate the folder and change its name with a version  
or a date

> Have a look in the standalone settings dialog and confirm that it is
> listing the stacks you expect to find in your app and that it is
> looking in the right place for them. Are the sub-stacks saved as
> separate files or are they part of a single stack file?

As separate files.

> If you can find the old copies of your stacks, move them to a separate
> folder and zip them so that Rev cannot use them, then try building
> again.
> HTH,
> Sarah
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