revOpendatabase: 10061 can't connect error

N Cueto nicolas_cueto at
Tue Dec 20 23:15:38 EST 2005

Hello All,
 Just this morning, I installed mysql (5.0, Win)
 and then used revOpendatabase to connect.
 On the machine where mysql is actually
 running (localhost), RunRev can connect
 to the database. But from the other networked
 machines, a "can't connect (10061)" error
 is the result.
 My guess is that firewall software is blocking
 the TCP/IP port, but I don't know how to
 confirm this guess (the sys-admin comes
 tomorrow). Or maybe it's something else.
 I also checked the archives, which do mention 
 a very similar problem but without a solution.
 Thank you.
 Nicolas Cueto

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