Image Display Issues on Win XP

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Tue Dec 20 14:57:15 EST 2005


>To answer Rob's question, the alwaysBuffer setting determines 
>whether an offscreen buffer is created before displaying the image. 
>If not, the image is drawn directly to the screen. This can cause 
>flickering in some cases. If alwaysBuffer is true, the offscreen 
>buffer allows a more stable image display at the cost of using more 
>memory and a tiny bit of overhead time when opening the image. I 
>believe -- but don't know for sure -- that the buffer is created 
>when the card is accessed. So, for images that are stored in a 
>stack, the image data is already in memory when the stack opens, but 
>the buffer is not created until the card containing the image is opened.

Thanks for that explanation.  I'll try setting alwaysBuffer to false 
and see what happens.

BTW, Bill, the time to open the Photo Index Card dropped to nil when 
I replaced the buttons with images based on the imageData of the 
thumbnail.  Unfortunately, Win XP is still losing images when I 
navigate to an Art Card.

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